viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Graffiti + Fashion = ART

Kidult is a graffitit artist who interfere storefronts to protest;
"My work is a battle against commercialism and a way of actively rejecting materialism and society’s hyper consumption (...) With the storefronts it was never about beauty or esthetics, the goal was efficiency: the right spot at the the right time, making as much damage as possible, shocking people, this is what my graffiti is all about. The principle is very simple, they pretend to love graffiti, and then I am giving it to them. If they use and love graffiti that much then the brands 
should agree entirely to the codes and principles that rule graffiti. Real graffiti is free, it is illegal and it happens when and where you do not expect it. Brands are using graffiti so 
they have to deal with me, the blowback."

Every graffiti means something. 

Whatever was the result of his plan, his work doesn't go unnoticed for Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Celine, and other brands who have been acttacked by this illegal artist. 
They actually like it -Jacobs took advantage of it- and we like it too.

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  1. Se ve como desordenado pero no sé, me gusta, sobre todo el celeste-verde agua, se ve bacán o:

  2. Lo que me parece más interesante del graffiti y específicamente de estos gallos que hacen arte con el graffiti, es que igual van contra la ley, usan apods y no suelen mostrar sus caras, no son como los otros artistas que hacen lanzamientos de sus muestras, ellos trabajan en la noche, a la rápida para que no los pillen y eso me parece interesante. Lo de este tipo es bastante desordenado como dijeron antes, pero así de lejos se ve hasta armónico.